STR-Capital Review

STR Capital Review – Is It an Undeniably Satisfying Trading Experience? 

STR CapitalAs a new trader, you want to take every step in the right direction and after proper thinking. You know that a small mistake in your case can mean you not ever trading again. You see, when you are new to trading and have a tight budget to operate with, you cannot take big risks. And even if you want to take big risks, you have to be sure that you research and inspect everything beforehand to save your investment. Now, as a beginner in the trading industry, the first step you have to take is choosing a broker. You will sign up with an online broker and trade on the platform provided by that broker.  

You can choose from hundreds of online brokers. They are all offering something unique to their traders. And while there are some great brokers, you will find some black sheep as well i.e. brokers that are not brokers but scammers. Now, if you have done some basic research on online brokers, you must have heard about STR Capital. After getting an initial glimpse of the features of this broker, you can say that it can definitely provide a very satisfying trading experience. But is it enough to rely on an initial glimpse? Not really! The only thing you should rely on is a complete and detailed STR Capital review.  

STR Capital

That’s what you are getting here. Whether or not this broker can provide you with the most satisfying trading experience can be found out by reviewing every feature. So, let’s jump right in.  

A Look at the Security Features of the Broker 

You cannot overlook the importance of security and protection when you are signing up with an online broker. First, you have to remember that you will be depositing your real money in a trading account that you will open with a broker. At the same time, you will have to provide your personal information when you are signing up with the broker. In both cases, you will need your broker to provide you with some level of protection. In fact, you want the highest level of protection for your information and money when you sign up with a broker.  

Unfortunately, you cannot get the best of both worlds with every online broker. There are only some that can provide you with the right type of protection. So, in the case of STR Capital, you have to admire the efforts of the broker for introducing features that will give you mental peace. First of all, you have the broker providing you with the protection of your money. You will notice that the broker has mentioned segregated accounts on its website. So, segregated accounts mean that the broker will put your money in accounts that are labeled as “Trader Funds.” 

Let’s say something happens to the broker in the future e.g. it gets caught doing something fishy, your money will still be safe when the broker’s money gets frozen inside its accounts. However, if the broker is putting your money in the same account where it puts the money made by its business, then you can expect your money to be frozen inside those accounts when the broker gets into trouble. You can trade with peace and deposit your money without any issues when you sign up with STR Capital. This broker provides you with segregated accounts so your money is always separate from the money of the broker.  

In addition to that, you will see that the broker has SSL on its website. The presence of SSL means that the broker is encrypting every bit of information that you provide on the website. Keep in mind that the information you have to provide to open a trading account can be of very personal nature. So, you want to sign up with a broker only when it has SSL protocols on its website. Fortunately, you are getting all the protection that you need as a trader with this broker.  

An Evaluation of the Account Types  

First of all, you will notice that there are quite a few different types of accounts that you can choose from. That’s because the broker wants its trading platform to be available to everyone from around the world. One must not forget that people can sign up with an online broker from many parts of the world. Some are bound by their experience of trading while others cannot get into trading because they don’t have enough money to open the trading account. That’s where a broker like STR Capital jumps in and makes things convenient of every trader from around the world.  

If you are someone living in a country where the value of dollar is extremely high against your native currency, you will have a hard time signing up with most online brokers. Why? Well, they require an initial deposit from you that you cannot easily manage. Think about depositing $1000 in your account in order to be able to sign up with the broker and trade. However, you will not have to deal with anything like that when you sign up with STR Capital. This broker has made sure that the basic account is specifically for people who are short on budget and starting their trading career from the first time.  

So, the basic account from STR Capital offers you a 30% bonus when you make the initial deposit in your account. Now, you must be thinking that you will have to spend a lot of money to open the account. Worry not because the broker has made things easy for you with the basic account requiring from you only a deposit of $250. Yes, with this small amount, you can start a trading account with the broker and you can trade in any financial market you want to trade in. You can trade your favorite assets and earn profits to increase the money you have deposited in your account.  

Now, you can already see that you are going to benefit from your account with this broker a lot. That’s because on your $250 deposit, you will get a 30% welcome bonus as well. Most online brokers do not such bonuses anymore. You get what you deposit in your account and that’s it.  

If you want to trade with some freedom and you are not that short on budget, you can go with the beginner account as well. In this account, the broker is offering you up to 40% bonus on your first deposit. Of course, to make things easy for you, the broker has allowed its traders to open this account with a deposit of just $1000. In a similar way, you have four more different accounts that suit different types of traders. If you are looking for some VIP experience, you can open the VIP account that includes the best of everything that this broker has to offer.  

An Introduction to Cryptocurrency Trading with STR Capital  

Now, you know that you will be trading cryptocurrencies when you sign up with this broker. The first thing you have to know is that you will not be trading real cryptocurrencies. Why? Because that can be very risky for you if you are just starting with cryptocurrency trading. You can say that new and experienced traders both are in the same boat when it comes to trading digital currencies. This market is new and so there are no traders who can say that they have been trading digital currencies for decades. In fact, it has hardly been a decade since the launch of the first cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin.  

There is a lot that you can talk about when it comes to cryptocurrency trading feature with STR Capital. First, you have to agree that the broker has gone out of its way to offer you something that  most experienced online brokers are still scared to offer their traders. You can now trade in the most lucrative market of the world in 2020 by signing up with STR Capital. More importantly, you will be able to trade cryptocurrencies in the form of CFDs. What it means is that you will be holding on to a contract that reflects the value of the cryptocurrency that you are looking to trade.  

However, you will not own the cryptocurrency in real. The best part about this type of trading is that you will not have to hold on to digital coins that can easily be stolen from people. It does not matter where you keep your digital coins, they can be stolen with ease. However, when you trade cryptocurrencies with STR Capital, you will not be trading real cryptocurrencies, but just their contracts. However, there is still no limit on how much profit you can make from this type of trading. The amount of money you can make from trading digital coins depends on your skills and trading strategies.  

Another important thing you should notice about CFD trading is that it allows you to trade with leverages. In simple words, you can say that you have more money available for trading than you have in your account when you are using leverage on your trades. So, if you have $100 in your account, you can trade an asset that is costing you around $1000 for trading the minimum lot. How can you trade $1000 when all you have in your account is just $100? Well, you have the broker providing you with the other share of the money. It will amplify your profits and give you an opportunity to make a lot of money.  

You can enjoy some huge leverages when you trade CFDs. However, you have to be careful with your use of leverage because it is a double-edged sword that can work against you as well. If you lose the trade on which you have received leverage, your losses will be amplified as well just like your profits were amplified. So, you have to keep that in mind when you are trading. Last but not least, you will love the fact that STR Capital allows you to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies.  

With most online brokers, you will feel very limited with your trades in the cryptocurrency market. It is a new market, and you want to explore it. However, most online brokers let you trade only Bitcoin and Ethereum. These are the most famous and highly valued currencies in the cryptocurrency market, but they are not the only ones. You have other cryptocurrencies like Stellar, Monero, Ripple, EOS, Dash Coin, Litecoin, and many others that you can trade today. They come with their own sets of pros and cons. When you sign up with STR Capital, you will be glad that you have so many different cryptocurrencies in your access that you can trade with ease.  

A Glimpse of Banking with STR Capital  

Banking place an important role in the type of experience you are going to have with an online broker. It is unfortunate that even some of the most renowned and experienced brokers give their traders a hard time when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money. First of all, they do not provide you with a lot of options as to how much money you can deposit in your account when you are starting. Of course, you have been provided a lot of flexibility by STR Capital in how much money you can deposit in your account before you can start trading.   

The best part about banking with STR Capital is that you will not have to worry about any unnecessary commissions. As mentioned earlier, there are some very old and recognized brokers that come up with penalties, commissions, and all sorts of things when you try to pull out money from your trading account with them. You will not have to face such a scenario when you sign up with this broker. You can deposit money in your account using the standard and safe methods such as wire transfer and credit card. These methods are fast and very safe.  

In a similar way, you can withdraw money from your account using the same methods. The broker has kept things pretty easy and straightforward for you. There are not unnecessary commissions or hidden charges that you have to worry about when you withdraw money from your trading account with STR Capital. Of course, you can always live with mental peace that your money is going into separate accounts. The broker is abiding by the highest standards of the financial industry and putting your funds in separate accounts.  

Learning Experience for Traders with the Broker 

There was a time when you had to learn from third parties before you could start trading with online brokers. Of course, when you trade, you are participating in an activity that requires talent and skill. You are not participating in a lottery wherein you will have to depend on your luck. You have to use your mind and decision making power if you want to make money from trading. How can you do that if you have not practiced trading? How can you do that if you have not received any training on how you can open positions, close them, what fundamental analysis is, etc.  

These are all important things you have to learn before you can start trading. However, the best thing is that you can now get all of this education from the website of the broker you sign up with. This way, you do not have to pay extra money for courses and lessons. You can learn everything about trading that you need to learn to make profits and avoid losses. You will have a great trading and learning experience with this broker because it brings to you everything in the best form. There are many online brokers that have a lot of educational material on trading, but their material is not properly categorized and arranged.  

If you are looking for a particular type of learning, you cannot do that because of how they arrange information on their websites. However, you will not have such problems when you sign up with this broker and participate in online learning. You will love the fact that you can learn trading the way you want. For someone who likes to read stuff, there are lots of ebooks on various topics related to trading online. Ebooks are great for learning at a slow pace, but you will not get information in a format as good as you find in videos.  

Videos are the best way to learn trading because you can learn everything pretty fast. You know that visuals provide you the best way of learning because your mind can store them with ease. At the same time, moving visuals combined with narration from experts can help you grasp even the most difficult concepts in trading with ease. You will find a variety of videos when you sign up with this broker and open the right account. All of these videos are there only for you to learn trading before you put your money on the line and lose it.  

One of the best moves that STR Capital has made on the website is that it has explained all the basic yet necessary concepts related to trading right on the website. Now, you have to be informed in every way about a particular asset before you invest your money in trading it. How can you know about an asset? Of course, you have to rely on news on the internet. Worry not because you will not have to go to any third party websites to get all the news about the financial markets.  

You can learn about the latest happenings in the market right on the website of the broker. The broker has created a separate section for news from the financial markets. If you are someone who relies a lot on fundamental analysis, you can definitely benefit from the news section on the website. Right on the website, you will also find the carts of various cryptocurrencies. If you want to monitor the price movement of cryptocurrencies in the market in real-time, you will not have to go elsewhere because STR Capital has brought everything for you right on its website and trading platform.  

A Trading Platform Traders Can Trust  

Can you trust the trading platform provided to you by STR Capital? Well, you can definitely trust this trading platform because it has some great features. First of all, you will be able to trade all your favorite digital assets from the same trading platform. Secondly, you are going to fall in love with the speed of this platform. It works fast when you are making selections on it. However, the more important part is that it executes your orders without any delays so you don’t get any unpleasant surprises when you enter trades.   

If you are someone who likes to use a desktop computer for trading, you will not have any problem using this trading platform. In fact, you will not have any problem trading even if you are someone who likes to use a smartphone for trading. The web trader that you get from STR Capital is compatible with all the devices that you own. It runs on the web, which means you will not have to perform any downloads. At the same time, you will be able to access your trading platform no matter where you are. Furthermore, you will have the software running smoothly on all your smartphone types, regardless of their screens sizes and operating systems.  

Final Thoughts 

STR Capital has definitely done a great job of bringing all the great features from the best online brokers in one place. It offers some great trading opportunities to its traders on a trading platform that is easy to use and does not run into compatibility issues. Its bonus is pretty generous and the trading accounts are designed well for all types of traders. The security of funds and information is like icing on the cake. You can now perform further research for your satisfaction and sign up with the broker only when you are satisfied.