Crypto Trading

We Believe in Cryptocurrencies 

One of the most important aspects of signing up with an online broker is the alignment of your vision with the vision of the broker. That’s something many new traders overlook when they are looking for the best broker. We encourage our traders sign up with us because we know they believe in cryptocurrencies like we do. The cryptocurrency market is the market of the future. Some people still call it a fad whereas we have helped many traders from around the world trade various cryptocurrencies.  

STR Capital

How much money you make trading crypto assets depends on you. You can take big risks or small risks, we let you make the choice. We only provide you with a platform where you can trade not just the two major cryptocurrencies i.e. Ethereum and Bitcoin, but many other digital currencies such as Litecoin, Dash Coin, Ripple, Monero, Stellar, etc. If you believe in cryptocurrencies just like we do, you should sign up with us right now. There are no better partners than those who have the same destination and ambition.  

We Care about Your Security 

Starting a brokerage on the internet is not difficult anymore. People know that they can buy a trading software from some third party company, create a website, go for a cheap web hosting package, and then pitch their trading features to the world. However, what’s difficult is to provide safe and secure trading services on the internet. We believe that only serious brokers can do that, and those that care about their traders. We care about you and that’s why we have created a system where you can feel safe and secure.  

When you deposit funds in your account, you can rest assured that every penny that you deposit in your account is going into segregated accounts. You will not get that from unreliable and non-serious brokers. In addition to putting your money in separate accounts, we take your information seriously as well. First of all, we will not share your information with any unauthorized entities without your permission. Secondly, we have made sure to have proper encryption on our website. When you provide your information, it gets encrypted and cannot be read by anyone who his trying to access it through illegal means.  

Our Trading Platform Is One of the Best  

Can you really have a good trading experience with the right trading platform? That’s not going to happen ever. Just because trading has become easy in the modern world does not mean it is fun for everyone. Some people quit trading in their first few months because they do not like the overall experience. They might think that trading is not for them but that’s not the case. They end up on a trading platform that does not make them feel comfortable. If you will spend all your time learning the trading platform, who will focus on trading?  

At the same time, some traders quit trading because they can’t keep on downloading a new software every time they switch from one device to another. With our web based trading platform, you will not have to do any of that. You can log in to your trading account from anywhere in the world. You will be able to log in and trade without any hassle even if you are on iPhone or Android phone. The operating system on your trading platform or the device you are using for trading does not matter when you are trading with STR Capital.  

We Train You to Trade Like a Pro 

We think that trading without proper training is nothing more than taking a risk that you can easily avoid. In the past, interested traders had to complete courses with teachers to learn trading. When the internet arrived, they started relying on online courses and tutorials from various third party coaching services. However, this was not good for traders because they had to spend a lot of money on learning before they could even spend a single penny on actually trading.  

At STR Capital, we understand that you are a new trader and that you might not have the biggest budget in the world to enter big trades. More importantly, you might not have enough resources to spend hundreds of dollars on learning trading and then spending some more hundreds on opening and running a trading account. We will not burden you with something we can simplify for you. That’s why we have created a complete education center on our website where you can find all the information you need about trading. Whether you want to learn the basics of trading or go into advanced trading strategies to become a professional, we have it all covered in our online trading education.  

We Want You to Make Money 

At STR Capital, we think it is our responsibility to bring you all the opportunities to make money. We know many online brokers that deprive their traders of any chances and opportunities of making money by throwing in hidden charges and commissions. We don’t do that – it is that simple. We have a simple way of making money from our traders. We have spreads associated with our cryptocurrency assets. You know how much money you are spending on a trade before you enter the trade when you sign up with us. In addition to that, you can deposit and withdraw your money without spending a fortune.  

Most importantly, we have gone against the trends of the industry to bring you some bonuses as well. You can always look at our “Account Types” page to know more about how much bonus you are getting based on the account you choose and other features. We are offering you up to 100% bonus on your first deposit, based on the trading account you choose. That’s something most brokers do not do today. However, we believe that when you choose to sign up with us and start trading on our trading platform, we want to welcome you with a small gesture of hospitality.  

Explore our website to know more about or open your trading account right now.