Mobile Trading

With the emerging trend of trading in cryptocurrency, thousands of people all over the world are increasingly joining the industry and rightly so because the trading in cryptocurrency is full of unmatched opportunities of earning huge profits and that too in a very short period of time. Since the inception of cryptocurrency in 2009 more and more investors have joined the club and one cannot ignore the fact that many of them have made huge fortunes overnight because the prices of cryptocurrencies have extremely increased from their initial prices which has made people realize the high potential involved in the trading of cryptocurrencies.  

This also led many brokers to equip them with the knowledge and understanding of trading in cryptocurrencies in an attempt to make a better living for themselves. Today we have hundreds of thousands of online brokers available with which you can fulfill your ambitions of trading in cryptocurrencies while ensure that you earn a great deal of profits. This is where STR Capital come into picture which has been successfully providing its best services to its novice and veteran level traders of cryptocurrency over the years.  

STR Capital

With the sole objective and aim of providing unmatched trading experience we are able to offer reliable pricing with the help of state-of-the-art advanced tools of trading.  

We Make Crypto Trading Easier on Mobile 

In contrast with other traders who are offering their services in cryptocurrency as well as other trading products, we have been established with the sole purpose of providing brokerage services specifically in the cryptocurrency industry. This puts us in an advantage position amongst our competitors whose specialties are not entirely based on cryptocurrency while on the other hand our complete focus is limited to trading in cryptocurrency which gives us an edge over our competitors.  

We have been able to accomplish what none other has achieved in cryptocurrency trading through our years of experience in the field. We have helped many of our clients to make tremendous profits which has ultimately benefited us in maintaining long-standing relationships with our clients. It is a privilege for us to have a team of professionals who have dedicated their minds and time for the best interests of our clients.  

Why are we different 

First and foremost we do not accept third party payments which means that if someone is using a credit card which belongs to someone else other than him for the settlement of his payment then we straightforwardly reject the payment on the pretext that the payment should be made only through the authorized person who is maintaining his account with us. In this way we are able to ensure risk free transactions without the element of fraud on the part of client as well as us. As a crucial part of our SOPs, we maintain strict policy in terms of making payments and only send such money which has been legitimately withdrawn from the owner’s account.  

Through the use of our state-of-the-art technology architecture our clients can enjoy high level of security combined with transparency. Another very important aspect of our SOPs is that we do not use your capital or assets for any other purpose in any circumstance except as strictly advised by the client. 

We have a team of well-trained and highly qualified personnel from different parts of the world who have acquired immense knowledge and expertise in the field of cryptocurrency trading. We are committed to provide customer service of international standards who are able to resolve your issues immediately and instantly. At the same time, we believe in the need of maintaining close coordination with our clients in order for us to have a better understanding of what exactly our client wants.  

Here at STR Capital we have established our own state of the art technology which utilizes HFT in the best way possible. We also focusses on the need of using supercomputers because we believe that digital transactions could be monitored for which we have a team of specialists and analysists who can take timely decisions to predict a reliable future based on logic and meaningful strategy. 

Our social and corporate responsibility 

Over the years we have earned the reputation of being one of the most reliable brokerage firm of cryptocurrency trading amongst our customers who belong to different parts of the world. We are not just concerned with uplifting the business activity instead we are also committed to take part and participate in community building activities, promoting positives in the society as well as boosting economy and introducing environmental change.  

At the same time, as part of our corporate responsibility, we are carrying out our business activities where respect is given to safeguard human rights. We do not make false promises with our customers and instead heavily rely on our ability to provide attractive business opportunities to our clients as a result of which we can be sure of maintaining long standing relationships with our clients. Being a reliable brokerage firm, we are performing our duties and responsibilities while adhering to the directions of the governing authority as well as in accordance with law.  

Why working with us is great experience 

Once our team of professional is able to formulize a strategy which can ensure earning of profits, the decision is then entirely rests with the clients whom we have empowered by educating them about the pros and cons of cryptocurrency trading sector. We strongly believe that your benefit is our benefit and your loss is our loss and such relationship always prove vital for successful future for both of us. If you are facing any difficulty, rest assured that we are standing behind to assist you in whatever way possible.  

Our objective is to provide investment friendly cryptocurrency trading opportunity to our valuable clients through our diversified and innovative approach towards the crypto-market which is executable with the help of our most trusted team of dedicated, motivated and experienced personnel who remain at all times remain at your disposal.