Online Trading

In the current times where there’s too much inflation everywhere and the recession is right everyone’s doorstep, all of us are eager to make a living through the right and well calculated investments. Currently, there’s a number of individuals and companies proclaiming themselves to be the best, making false promises to people who are new to the investment and trading sector. Whereas, our aim is not only to provide our investors and customers with the best services but to empower them with tools and sources which would take them from a beginner level to the tycoon level in a short amount of time so they can also become a beacon of guidance to the ones seeking to benefit from investment and trading. 

STR Capital

Our brokerage offers its clients with the most reliable prices, knowledge and tools in order to enhance and provide the best trading experience to our clients. No matter you are new to trading or a veteran, it is our obligation and responsibility to provide you with trading specialists and top-notch security for your assets, offering a safe and friendly environment where you feel as being part of our family. 

We have a professional team who have been a part of trading and investment for decades and are dedicated to provide expert opinions as well as tactics in order to stay ahead of the rest of the investment and trading sectors. 

Although, it may sound a bit awkward to some investors, but our intentions are to make sure that your personal and private information is secure and protected with us and in order to achieve this, we have completed prohibited the use of third party payments no matter it’s a deposit or a withdrawal. If you are an account holder with our firm then it should be your credit card or bank account in order to make a deposit or a withdrawal. In addition to this, we provide you with the state-of-the-art technology architecture offering you enterprise-level protection and security on your very desktop or laptop.  

As a result of this, only you have the access to your APIs and the funds in your account are only accessible by yourself and not even ourselves can access them. In the trading and investment sector, everyone knows how every firm or brokerage tends to use your funds to make hidden investments without you having a single clue of it. However, we believe in complete transparency and to prove our point, we have made it a clause in our terms & conditions, never to use your capital assets for any third party investments. 

You may find a number of brokerages providing you with only two to three types of accounts to do trade and most of the time, these accounts are there only to rip customers off of their hard earned money and savings and shockingly, don’t even offer any benefits for high paid subscriptions. Hence, we have taken it upon ourselves to change the public perception about brokerages and have focused to provide our clients with accounts (Basic, Beginner, Medium, Advanced, Pro & VIP), which suite their trading experience and expertise at the time of joining. These account types are not just random picks but the result of careful research in the trading and investment market, after recognizing the needs of each investor on any given level. 

Our brokerage boasts its expertise not only in the investment and trading sector but has also introduced an educational program for our clients which they can access to watch videos posted by our experts sharing their analysis and vast experience in the trading sector. Additionally, e-books on our website are at your disposal which are also published by the trading gurus sharing their tactics, latest news in the trading market to keep you up-to-date and well informed in the volatility of your investments, charts to provide you with the trends and glide paths for whichever asset you make investments in as well as historical prices so you can have a complete grasp of the market before you even start investing in. 

While there’s a number of assets currently available in the trading market, we have chosen Crypto-currency as our trading asset. Some may wonder why crypto-currency as it is one of the most unstable trading assets in the market and this is a valid question from the clients’ perspective as it is their money at stake at the end of the day. The answer to this question lies in the expertise of our professional team, who are pros when it comes to the trading strategies and tactics, encouraging our clients to take more risks trusting the abilities of our team and earn big profits due to the volatility of crypto-currency.  

Not only this, we have also made sure to pick the most demanded and trending crypto-currencies (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc.) in the market to ensure that our clients benefit the most out of these investments. 

After providing our clients with all of these facilities and empowering them with all our knowledge and expertise in the trading sector, we leave the rest to our clients to decide and judge our reputation and dedication towards our service and choose us among the rest. Your benefit is our benefit and it is your trust and loyalty that proves our validity in the trading market. If our clients face any problems and difficulties at any point, we are here to offer our support and guidance 24/6 so you never feel left out or unaccompanied.  

Our dedicated team of trading and crypto experts are always at your disposal to provide you with the best advice and tactics in the most professional and humble manner without any hidden fees or charges. As a trading/brokerage firm, it is our duty to provide our clients with the best services, tools, guidance, environment and profits which in turn would change the concept of a large group of people who still consider online trading as a hoax or a made up concept by the corporate industries.